We have been providing customer-driven products and services since 1990

Importance of Research & Development

What makes us special ?

Research & development (R&D) has always been essential to keep providing the best products & services, as well as exploring new ways of conceiving instruments.

Zensol team is composed of highly qualified doctors and engineers working on the development of hardware and software solutions according to your needs and sold worldwide.

We provide customer-driven products, meaning that they have all been designed in close cooperation with our customers. This process ensures high quality and customized instruments for their specific needs.

Timeline of Zensol Products

CBA-32P (1990)
Developed for ABB

GEN Serie (1999)
Developed for Hydro-Québec

CBV Serie (2006)
Developed for Hydro-Québec

TAP-4 (2007)
Developed for Hydro-Québec
IEEE C57.143 & CIGRE A2.34