Circuit Breaker & Control Cabinet Simulator – SIM-CB6

Ref : SIM-CB6

The SIM-CB6 is the circuit breaker simulator that will make you an expert in breaker testing.

The SIM-CB6 enables you to simulate any type of circuit breaker (SF6, Air Blast, Oil, etc.) up to 6 contacts (2 contacts per phase), with or without closing/opening resistor contacts and control cabinets.
This simulator will allow you to increase your knowledge on circuit breaker analyzer systems to ensure full efficiency once on the field.

The SIM-CB6 is used by major utilities, like Hydro-Québec, Manitoba-Hydro and others, where it is considered as an essential tool for maintenance training. Universities also adopt it to prepare students for their works on circuit breakers.

We also pay strong attention to the high quality of our products so that they can resist impacts and extreme conditions (-20°C to 70°C) with a life expectancy that exceeds 15 years.

SIM-WIN Software

The SIM-CB6 is driven with a user-friendly software, Sim-Win, that allows to modify timing and motion parameters easily, such as:

  • opening and closing time of the main, resistive and auxiliary contacts
  • different real contact displacement curves.




  • Simulates any types of circuit breaker (contact’s both timing and motion)
  • Up to 6 contacts (2 per phase)
  • Simple to use, no special and supplementary training is required.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • 2 years guarantee

Included with the instrument:

  • Complete set of manuals
  • 2 years warranty
  • 1 day training at Zensol’s premises (travel expenses of the attendees not included)