Zensol Automation Inc. is a Canadian company specialized in the development, production and sale of testing instruments for electric power companies, service companies and training and research centers.

Over the years, Zensol has developed several cutting-edge products for testing and analysing circuit breakers ,  on-load tap changers (TAP-4) and reclosers (GEN-X), designed to ensure top performances in harsh environments. With the introduction of the vibro-acoustic diagnostics method, Zensol has become the pioneer of a new testing approach that also allows executing tests ON LINE for detecting failures in both tap changers and circuit breakers.

About Zensol

Founded in June 1990, Zensol Automation Inc. is, in the beginning, strictly devoted to research and development of solutions for the electrical energy industry. Since then, under the leadership of its president, Fouad Brikci, Ph.D., and in cooperation with the leaders of the industry, such as Hydro-Québec, ALSTOM, etc., the company has developed several products, particularly for circuit breakers, reclosers and transformers from the lowest to the highest voltage (800 kV)

  • Zensol is certified ISO 9001.

    Since July 2018, Zensol has successfully passed ISO 9001: 2015. This means that the company meets criteria enabling it to assert that its organization is aimed at customer satisfaction.

  • R&D services

    Zensol offers R&D services, in addition to its testing and training activities.

  • Customer service

    Zensol offers support to their customers. An on-line assistance is available for all its customers, anywhere in the world. We also guarantee a response in less than 48 hours for any problem.