Ref : ZVS-300V 

  • This module has been developed for the electronic measurement of voltages associated with DC, AC, and pulsed signals circuits.
  • Voltage transducer with input voltage of -300V to +300V and with analog output from -10V to +10V. For example, during a timing test the ZVS-300V allows you to measure the variation of the battery voltage 129VDC or yet again the voltage signal of 120VAC and 240VAC.


  • Provides a galvanic isolation between the primary circuit and the secondary circuit.
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Very good linearity
  • Low thermal drift
  • Low response time
  • High bandwidth
  • High immunity to external interference
  • Low disturbance in common mode



  • The ZVS is directly connected to one of the analog inputs of the CB/CBA/CBV-X/OTM-X.
  • Results seen on your computer screen with the appropriate software.
  • Transducer using the Hall effect
  • Output voltage: -10Volts to +10Volts
  • Response time: 40 microseconds
  • Auto-powered by the instrument
  • Ambient operating temperature: 0-70 °C
  • Ambient storage temperature: -25 °C à 85 °C