Seminar Maintenance on Circuit breaker

Seminar Highlights

      Circuit breakers are very important machines: they ensure the protection of electricity transport networks. Failure could have serious consequences like loss of services, revenues and also a very high repair cost.

      This seminar presents 3 examples of tests to analyze a circuit breaker.

 What are the main subjects?

  • Importance of timing the main chambers of high-voltage circuit breakers.
  • Measurement of dynamic resistance of high-voltage circuit breakers contacts.
  • Vibro-acoustic diagnostics for high-voltage circuit breakers.
  • Example of maintenance program.

What could you learn?

  • A complete understanding of the importance of planning and structuring the maintenance of high-voltage circuit breakers, based on standards and instruments, validated and approved respecting those standards.

Who could be interested?

Electrical engineer, electrical technician, field engineers, project managers, inspectors, contractors, plant, supervisory and new-hire personal, maintenance engineer, operator or maintainer of circuit breakers and any company with an interest in low, medium and high voltage Circuit Breakers.

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This one day seminar could be organized in your city! (min 10 persons).