Circuit Reclosers Seminar

Zensol Automation Inc. invites you to participate in a one day seminar on the importance of circuit recloser testing.

The seminar will cover the following points:

  • Presentation of reclosers, testing and measurements per ANSI C37.61-1973 and IEEE std.321-1973 international standards
  • Recloser characteristics:
    • Lock-open function
    • Operating sequence
    • Protection curves
    • Time-current characteristics curves
  • What is a recloser.
  • What is a GEN-3/12.
  • GEN-3 Measurement methods and introduction to GEN Win Software
  • Practical exercises on GENWIN and examples

The seminar will be divided in two sessions:

– The morning session will cover the theory involved on real testing and,
– The afternoon session will be hands-on exercises with the use of GENWIN software

For this reason we ask attendees to bring their laptop to the seminar.









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