Circuit Breaker Timing Seminar

 Zensol Automation Inc. invites you to participate in a one day seminar on the importance of circuit breaker timing and motion analyzing.

The seminar will cover the following points:

  • Timing and motion measurements principles according to IEC56 international standards
  • CBA 32P measurement methods, introduction to CBA Win software
  • Displacement transducers, case studies of the following family of breakers:
    • GL Breakers (Areva)
    • HPL Breakers (ABB)
    • HGF Breakers (Areva)
    • KSO Breakers (GE)
  • Pressure transducers (case study in power plant)
  • Current and voltage transducers (case study of dynamic resistance measurements)
  • First trip monitoring

The seminar will be divided in two sessions:

– The morning session will cover the theory involved in circuit breaker timing testing,
– The afternoon session will be hands-on exercises with the use of CBAWIN software

For this reason we ask attendees to bring their laptop to the seminar.