Optical Encoder – ZOT-2000 

Ref : ZOT-2000

This incremental transducer has been specially designed to fulfill the strict requirements of the electrical industry.

Of sturdy construction, the ZOT-2000 has such a degree of protection (IEC60529 IP64) that it can operate efficiently in many kinds of noisy, humid or greasy environments.


  • Thanks to its small size, the transducer fits in very tight places where space is an issue.
  • Electrically, this transducer offers a high degree of precision with a resolution of 2000 impulses per revolution.
  • Its reliability, its quality of construction and protection, its precision and speeds, make this transducer an ideal component for all your measurement and positioning systems.
  • Is directly connected to the CBA-32P through an electronic interface (the digital inputs).
  • The results can be viewed on your computer screen with our CBA Win© software.