Linear displacement transducers – ZLT

Ref : ZLT

The linear displacement transducer series is designed for direct, accurate measurement of displacement in control, regulation and measuring applications.

The rodless design allows the actuator to be driven from the side, along the unit length, thereby avoiding the “pump” effect problems normally associated with conventional transducers, and allowing standard stroke lengths up to 600 mm.

ZLT transducers are available in several lengths, from 100 to 600 millimeters, according to the displacement distance of the breakers to be tested.

Main advantages

  • These transducers are directly connected to one of the analog inputs of the CBA-32P. The results can be viewed on your computer screen with our CBAWin© software.
  • No calibration required thanks to the CBAWin© software.
  • The robust construction ensures reliable operation even under adverse environmental conditions such as vibration or temperature changes.
  • The inherent simplicity of the measuring technique – both passive and absolute – ensures that the transducer is immune to external electrical interference
  • Easy to use.