First trip monitoring – Z-FT


This module was designed to measure the circuit breaker’s contact opening times when connected, without having the breaker offline.

It will also be possible to check the transition of the current to 0 during the opening of your circuit breaker’s contacts as well as the synchronization of the opening times on the 3 phases (requires 3 modules).

The module will be connected to one of the analog inputs of your CBA-32P. As for the results, they will be viewed with the CBAWin© software.


  • Able to carry out tests on the opening times of live circuit breakers.
  • Allows the adjustment of synchronous command control mechanisms.
  • Able to check if the power cut-off (opening of the contacts) occurs during the transition of the current to 0 (otherwise shows when the power cut-off occurs)
  • Robust transducer (split core type).
  • Reliable measurement
  • Small and easy to connect