Static and Dynamic Micro Ohmmeter Kit – MO-SD-100, MO-SD-200

Ref : MO-SD-100, MO-SD-200

The main contacts and arcing contacts are an important part of a circuit breaker which ensures its good working when an electrical problem occurs in the circuit. Their maintenance is primordial to keep an installation safe and avoid huge losses.

Our Kit MO-SD performs the Dynamic Contact Resistance Measurement (DRM), which is well known as an effective technique for assessing the condition of power circuit-breaker without even opening it! It is the perfect tool to measure the contacts resistance over time.

In order to give the most precise information, our Kit MO-SD is able to perform tests at nominal speed or slow speed in the case of circuit breakers. We recommend to operate a slow open test before opening your breaker if any anomaly is found on it.


  • Continuous, smooth DC current source
  • Slow open test capability
  • Easy and unique correlation capability
  • Modular design
  • Easy results display