Internal Resistance Measurement Module – RES-24

Ref : RES-24

The RES internal module is designed for the measurement of the insertion resistance during the opening and closing times of a circuit breaker’s auxiliary (resistive) contacts.

During open and close tests of high-voltage breakers performed by the CBA-32P©, the resistive states of the breaker contacts, when open or closed, may be viewed in the graphic reports generated by CBA Win©.

These graphic recordings show a value of 0.5 for the resistive state, while the open state is represented by a value of 0 and the closed state by a value of 1.

However, the exact value, in ohms, of this resistance is not known.

The purpose of this module is the instantaneous measurement of these values during open or close operations.

The resistance test results are displayed on the computer screen with the graphic and tabular reports. Moreover, the RES module is availbable in the CBA Win© software, supplied with all our CBA-32P.