HV High performance Circuit breaker Analyzer – CBV-32

Ref : CBV-32

The CBV-32 is the only instrument able to perform in a SINGLE test timing,
motion, vibration and dynamic resistance of contacts associated to different
measurements of current and voltage.

We conceived the CBV-32 to provide the best range of testing for electrical facilities such as circuit breakers (using gaz, oil, air, vacuum…) or synchronous condensers all the way up to 800kV and more. It combines Timing, Motion Dynamic Resistance Measurements, and Vibration, all in a single test.

The CBV-32 was built to perform tests with an extreme precision of 1µs (1MHz), which gives the user the finest details about the state of the machine. Combined with the full range of available tests, this makes the CBV-32 able to detect more mechanical problems than standard tests would.

Our vibration method is a non-intrusive test. It can also be performed while the circuit breaker is ONLINE to avoid stopping and opening the breaker to run a test. All dangerous (SF6 gaz) or essential components (vacuum) that may contains your installation are kept untouched, which also makes the CBV-32 safe and eco-friendly!

We also pay strong attention to the high quality of our products so that they can resist impacts and extreme conditions (-20°C to 70°C) with a life expectancy that exceeds 15 years.

OpenZen Software

OpenZen is an-all-in-one software that includes all the necessary tools for testing, processing, calculations, analysis and interpretation of results in the field or in the laboratory.

Key features

  • All-in-one : Vibration, Timing, Motion and Dynamic Resistance Measurements
  • High sampling rate of 1µs (1MHz), for the finest diagnosis.
  • Easy analysis thanks to all-in-one software (testing, graphics, automatic calculus, tabular results)
  • ONLINE, non-intrusive and eco-friendly tests up to 800kV and more !
  • 2 Years guarantee
  • Sampling time: 5 microseconds to 26 milliseconds
  • Sampling rate: 200 kHz to 38Hz
  • Recording time: 10 milliseconds to 30 minutes
  • Analog A/D conversion: 16 bits
  • Digital Contacts (3 states): 12
  • Command Outputs/Current Inputs: 2
  • Vibration (Accelerometers) Inputs: 6
  • Multipurpose Analogs Inputs +/- 10V: 3 or 6
  • Digital Optical/Magnetic Encoders: 6 or 3