Fiber Optic Module – FIB-USB


The connection of the CBA-32P to the host computer is done via a high-speed fiber optic link and communication module.

The standard fiber optic cable delivered with the CBA-32P insturment is 10 feet (3 m) long. On request, a 200 foot (61 m) cable may be supplied (price available on request). Other lengths may be supplied. The main advantage of a longer cable is to be able to place the host computer and the operator in a remote shelter, protected from extreme cold, intense sunlight and heat, rain or any other environment that may be hostile to the equipment or the operators.

FIB-USB : A high speed auto-powered communication module that plugs directly into the USB port of the computer.


  • Solid built (Aluminium)
  • LED indicators for power and transmit/receive data
  • High-Speed & Stability
  • Link: USB
  • Speed: USB.1
  • Power supply: Auto power via USB computer port
  • Fiber optic cable: 10 feet (3 m)
  • Fiber optic cable extension: 200 feet (61 m)