Carrying Cases

Ref : Z-VAL

Facilitate storage and transportation of your test instrument accessories! Our carrying cases ensure a safe transportation due to their robustness and are suitable for any type of rough environment.


  • Rugged and waterproof, this bag protects your products and weather impacts.
  • The inner foam provides good protection for the most sensitive products.
  • Easily transportable due to its light weight
  • Its closure system is convenient and safe.
  • Good look.

Carrying cases

Ref : Z-VAL

Hard wheeled carrying case for KIT-ZMS (x1), or KIT-ZLR (x1), or Kit ZLB (x1)
with ZLT-300 max., or GEN interfaces (x2), or cables of 200feet max., or any other accessory.
Dimensions : approx.18″x13″x7″ (45x33x17cm).

Carrying cases 2

Ref : Z-VAL-2

Hard wheeled carrying case for KIT-ZLB with ZLT-600 or KIT-ZMS (x3), with 25 feet max. extensions.
Dimensions : approx. 35″x14″x6″ (90x35x15cm).

Carrying cases 3

Ref : Z-VAL-3

Hard wheeled carrying case for units and accessories, or CBA-32P-24C cables of more than 25 feet.
Dimensions:approx. 31″x21″x13″ (78x53x33cm).

Carrying cases 4

Ref : Z-VAL-4

Hard wheeled carrying case for CBA-32P-16C cables, or MO-SD-100 kit or GEN interfaces (x3).
Dimensions:approx. 20″x14″x10″ (50x35x25cm).

Carrying cases 7

Ref : Z-VAL-7

Hard wheeled carrying case for the cables of the test instrument or any other accessory.
Dimensions:approx. 22″x17″x10″ (56x43x25 cm).

Z bag

Ref : Z-Bag
Carrying bag to carry accessories.