Dear Customers,

We have listened to your feedback and have worked hard to make it easier than ever to conduct tests with our instruments. Through our continuous improvement approach, we have been able to bring forth these 4 universal test plans that will combine:

Simplicity: You can test all circuit breakers makes and models with our 4 universal test plans.

Flexibility: One file, one spreadsheet, compatible with all CBA-32P and able to run diagnosis on all types of circuit breakers.

Consistency: If you knew how use our CBA-32P, CB11 & CBV-X  yesterday, you will still be able to use it today with all the improvements. Nothing changes!

That’s a ZEN Solution!

Zensol, its 28 years of innovation, improvements and strong collaboration with our customers & we are proud of it.

Thank you!

Interest by our 4 universal test plans?

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